4 ways to make money on Axie Infinity: how to maximize earnings within play-to-earn game

As you may know, Skill Guilds is currently collaborating exceptionally with the Axie Infinity players, thus we have fixed upon going through four major ways of generating the profit within the most popular play-to-earn game in the industry. Read how you can maximize your earnings in today’s release.

The biggest play-to-earn game

Lately, Axie Infinity has been on its peak and made history within the GameFi industry by becoming the first NFT-based play-to-earn game to reach $1 billion in sales. Huge numbers of international players joined the exciting world of Axie and the best part is that the play-to-earn model of the game is not fully developed, so there is a great potential for growth opportunities.

There is nothing to be surprised about such an enormous hype around Axie Infinity, as crypto enthusiasts simply gained a chance to tap into something absolutely unknown and innovative at the same time. The concept of earning real money through enjoying the gameplay process has stunned the crypto community and basically became the reason for a huge success on the market.

Given the blockchain-based nature of Axie Infinity, players are able to collect characters called Axies and battle with other players of the game world using them. Every Axie is presented by a non-fungible token. As is inherent in NFTs, each one of them is completely unique and you can’t find two of the same Axies.

Axie Infinity utilizes two tokens in its ecosystem: Smooth Love Potions (SLPs) and Axie Infinity Shards (AXS). Thanks to tokenomics and NFTs all over the virtual universe of Axie, the game can offer users quite a wide range of earning opportunities.

That is why Skill Guilds decided to start providing the services namely by cooperating with the players of Axie Infinity. However, more games are soon to come on the platform, so make sure to follow our social media platforms to stay updated about the latest announcements.

And now, let’s take a look at four of the most effective ways to multiply your gains within the GameFi market using Axie Infinity.

Farming & selling Smooth Love Potions (SLPs)

One of the most obvious and easiest ways to earn money in the Axie Infinity universe is to farm and sell so-called Smooth Love Potions. SLPs have quite a big demand in the market, as they are necessary for breeding NFT characters.

Users are able to farm Smooth Love Potions via three various methods including battling monsters in Adventure Mode, fighting other players in Arena Mode, and completing daily missions & quests.

Generally, an average player farms from 80 up to 250 SLPs per day. The results depend on the skillset of the gamer, his Axie team and other factors. Consequently, selling them can give you a solid profit, but you have to play hard to achieve that!

Make sure to join the best guilds with Skill Guilds and skyrocket your earnings in the most popular play-to-earn game.

Breeding rare Axies

The NFT-based game can boast of an exclusive breeding mechanism, which allows users to breed any Axie characters to create unique offspring. As a rule, a newborn magical creature inherits the majority of the parent’s features.

It is an unpredictable process, which adds up a great variety to the gaming universe of Axie Infinity. Breeding superior Axie with powerful and unique features will you to to sell it at the market for a decent price.

Staking Axie Tokens (AXS) in liquidity pools

Not so long ago, Axie Infinity provided players with an opportunity to stake their AXS to get regular dividends. Players can play-to-earn the tokens, then choose to lock them for 3, 6, or 12 months at a certain interest rate.. The bigger the staking period ​​of time, the bigger rewards.

In the initial stages, these rewards were high in order to build up and attract an audience, and gradually declined as Axie Infinity became established. In addition, staking of AXS in liquidity pools allows to profit users who are not interested in gaming, but just focused on investing in the ecosystem.

Creating an Axie Scholarship program

Last but not least, gamers are able to establish their own Axie Scholarship program. It enables you to lend other players your Axies and receive a portion of their profit from play-to-earn gameplay.

The Axie Scholarship program creates a win-win situation for everyone, as newbie players have a chance to tap into playing the game without any starting capital, while you, as Scholarship program Manager, have a great source of passive income.

Learn more about Axie Infinity and get a chance to become a Manager yourself with a professional team of Skill Guilds.

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Skill Labs is a cross-chain ecosystem that helps investors, games, and players find each other to optimize their benefits in the metaverse.

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