Dracoo Master: how to play and earn

How to start

  • Install Metamask Wallet, guide for Metamask is here
  • Add BSC to Metamask, check how make it fast here
  • Top up the wallet with BUSD/BNB
  • Set up your gaming account following this link
  • Download the game application for the appropriate platform (Android, IOS or Windows)

How to play

To get started with Dracoo Master, you first should buy at least 3 Dracoo characters, as the minimum amount of You are able to do that on the marketplace of the gaming project: https://market.radiocaca.com/#/market-place

Choose the Dracoo you want to buy and click on the “Purchase” button. Then confirm the transaction via Metamask Wallet and you are good to go.

Every Dracoo inherits different races which have unique card characteristics. What’s more, Dracoos have six body parts:

  • Horn
  • Face
  • Body
  • Tail
  • Wings
  • Back

The horn, tail, wings and back have a corresponding card while the body and face have unique skills. These parts determine the base stats including strength, stamina and tenacity of your Dracoo.

The parts vary in different rarities: common, rare, epic, and legendary. The rarer parts you are using, the stronger the card becomes.

You also have an opportunity to upgrade each part up to 2 levels, so each Dracoo can get upgraded in a total of 12 times. When the character is upgraded to their max level, it will have special effects and flashy effects.

Get to know more information about the Dracoo characters in the whitepaper of the game.

Play and earn BAS & DRA

There are three gaming modes available in Dracoo Master, which can bring you monetary rewards.

Sacred Peak Adventure. Build a team of three Dracoos and challenge 41 stages in 9 scenes. Each stage offers 1–4 paths for players to select. On your way to the top you will inevitably encounter some challenges, monsters, rest spots as well as various treasure chests with bonuses.

After every battle within the Sacred Peak Adventure you will be rewarded with BAS tokens.

Your daily profit will depend on your earning level as well as the difficulty level.

Arena. Participate in exciting battles with other players from across the world. When a season ends, players are ranked worldwide based on their tier points, and the top 100 players on the ranking will be rewarded with a significant amount of DRA tokens.

Guild war.

Engage in Homeland Wars with your friends to defend your territory by building appropriate game tactics in conjunction with your teammates. The homeland war will continue for several days until one homeland is breached. Rewards will be calculated and distributed based on the player’s achievements during the event.

And now, when you learned the essential information concerning the Dracoo Master, get down to business and grab those precious rewards.



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