Hero Cat: how to play and earn

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5 min readSep 8, 2022


How to start

  • Install one of these decentralized wallets — Trust Wallet, Token Pocket or Metamask guides are here (to withdraw rewards BSC is preferred)
  • Add $HCT and $HCK to your wallet

HCT contract address: 0x29a1e54de0fce58e1018535d30af77a9d2d940c4

HCK contract address: 0x032A4E59387e08443Cf1df662141da09c31ceFa1

  • Open the official website and click on the top right corner, “Login”. You need to fill in your mail or phone number to create an account, then set up the password and enter verification code
  • Connect your wallet with Hero Cat

How to play

Since the Hero Cat game is currently in beta, you can take part in testing by purchasing the mining cat first. The in-game test is only available with the purchase of NFT cats.

There are two types of cats that perform different tasks: Heroes and Mining Pets.

Heroes fight other cats in various mods, receive rewards in the form of coins/tokens, can be pumped for in-game currency and USDT to achieve better results in battles.

Mining Pets — Toto and Mumu — can automatically mine $HCT for 24 hours. Each user can acquire HCT miners, increase the hashrate of Mining Pet by purchasing items (Mercury/Venus/Martian/Jupiter). You can also earn more $HCT upgrading the hashrate of the characters.

To purchase Heroes you need to enter the Home Page, click on the “Hero” button on the right side to jump into the “Purchase Heroes” pop-up page.

There are several payment methods. Users can choose to pay according to their needs:

  • Combined payment (USDT+DCAT). Max 80M DCAT is available.
  • USDT only, which is the default payment method of Hero Cat’s system. Limited to 5 purchases per day.

You have an opportunity to buy one Hero Treasure Chest and then open it to claim your NFT Hero of random rarities: Normal/Rare/Epic/Legend.

The Hero Cat game enables players to Rank and Level Up their NFTs, which helps to earn more rewards.

To Rank up your Hero Cat, choose the hero you want to rank up and the hero you will use for it. The properties, levels, and skills of the consumed heroes will not be delivered to the heroes that players rank up.

Play to earn $HCT

After purchasing Hero Cat, users can try different in-game features:

  • NFT Trading System. Players can trade their heroes freely and gain profits in the NFT market;
  • Combat System. Players can earn abundant rewards by clearing the boss stages;
  • Dungeon System. Players can challenge dungeon to obtain generous rewards;
  • PVP System. Players can challenge other players. The winners can earn abundant rewards.

Send your Hero to the battle, fight with others and get rewards. Heroes can be upgraded with Food that also can be upgraded! Buy Food with HCG (in-game Basic Coin), drag it with the same-level Food and upgrade your cat. Maximum level is 1000.

Challenge the Hero Fragment Instance. Choose the difficulty level after entering the instance.

  • Simple Level: The minimum level requirement is Level 20. The tokens will not be refunded if the player fails
  • Normal Level: The minimum level requirement is Level 75. The tokens will not be refunded if the player fails.
  • Hard Level: The minimum level requirement is Level 125. The tokens will not be refunded if the player fails.

There’s also an Arena challenge mode (free to challenge times per day and pay to challenge — 10 times).

The other way to earn rewards is mining. Hero Cat Mining Pet is an innovation of the game. Users who have Mumu and Toto can do mining 24 hours a day automatically. The Mining Pet Pool has a total of 10 billion $HCT, accounting for 10% of the entire mining pool.

From the menu in the upper right corner of the homepage, select My HPET, on this page you will find two mining cats you can choose to buy, the names are “Mumu” and “Toto.”

Drag the mouse to the exclamation mark next to “Combined Payment,” and the function introduction will pop up.

After the successful purchase you can check your Mining Pet.

You can upgrade Mumu and Toto, then trade or transfer them, and sell them to new members.

Remember that the higher hashrate your Pet has the more $HCT you can mine. By the way, there’s also a function of autoupgrade.

When it comes to claiming the rewards, the minimum withdrawal amount of $HCT is 50.

To withdraw the rewards you should follow next steps:

  1. Open the homepage;
  2. Choose ‘My Assets’;
  3. Click the Withdraw button;
  4. Add an BSC wallet address to receive your $HCT. Attention! Make sure to check the address twice!
  5. Withdrawal succeeds after you enter the correct amount of $HCT and transaction password.
  6. ‘Waiting for Withdrawal’ status means that the reward is being sent to your wallet. Wait patiently.

That’s all we have to say about Hero Cat so far. Join in exciting battles by utilizing fresh knowledge to earn rewards and joyfully spend leisure time.



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