Metaverse Miner

How to start

  • Install Metamask Wallet, guide is here
  • Add BSC to Metamask, check how make it fast here
  • Import tokens to Metamask, brief instructions are here

META (BEP-20): 0x04073D16C6a08C27e8BbEbe262Ea4D1C6fa4C772

  • Top up the wallet with BUSD/BNB
  • Verify your gaming account by connecting Metamask

How to play

To get started with Metaverse Miner, you first have to purchase Miner NFT in order to have an opportunity to stake it on a planet for mining and generate profit, as a result.

You are able to buy Miner NFT on the marketplace of the project via the web application:

Click on the NFT you are interested in purchasing and then press the “Buy now” button.

After that, you will be redirected to the Metamask wallet, where you should have sufficient BNB to pay for the transaction fees.

After successful confirmation of the transaction, you will be able to see your NFT in the “My Miners” section, where each Miner you own will display the ID, power, and power consumption.

There are five types of Miner NFT, which are generated using a specifically developed mechanism based on a pre-calculated probability. Each different type of Miner NFT inherits various arithmetic power and mining energy consumption parameters.

Speaking of energy, it is like the cost of electricity needed for mining, so you have to be also prepared to be charged for it in USDT.

Play and earn META

In a broad sense, there are five different ways to generate profit within the Metaverse Miner game.

  • Earning as a Star Lord

This is the most popular way of making money, all you need to become a Star Lord is to buy Miner NFT and start mining the planet.

  • Become a Star Master

Players also have a chance to become a Star Master by taking part in the planet’s NFT auction, and gaining ownership of an entire planet. A Star Master can enjoy most of the profits from the land, but the price of the NFT Planet is significantly higher in comparison with Miner NFTs.

  • Collecting energy by staking a miner NFT

Players can stake the miner NFT to obtain “energy” in the form of META, of which the Star Master owns 5% and the miner NFT owns 95%.

  • Become a Collector

Miner NFTs come in a variety of forms and incorporate effects such as 3D and AR to meet the needs of different players’ collections.

Make sure to check all of the listed earning methods and decide which one works best for you.

That’s pretty much everything you should know concerning Metaverse Miner. Now, utilize knowledge obtained in this mini-guide and multiply your gains in the play-to-earn sphere.



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