Revealing clues to tasks from the Skill Labs quest

After finishing our 13-days quest, the founding team of Skill Labs has been receiving a lot of questions on the tasks, which we gave you during the event.

Since a vast number of users were curious, what was the catch in some of the riddles, we decided to lay our cards on the table. In today’s release you will be able to get acquainted with sort of logic, which had to be applied to each of the tasks.

Task №1: Skill Labs

Right from the start, we tried to make the quest really exciting and challenging, so our first task was presented with the blinking gift boxes. However, they were flashing for purpose, since it was nothing but the morse code that was saying the word “Treasure”.

Task №2: Angelic

Next, we provided you with with a seemingly strange set of numbers:

22–5–20–5–18–1–14 15–6 23–1–18,

6–15–18–13–5–18 19–20–15–18–13–20–18–15–15–16–5–18,

12–15–19–20 8–9–19 23–9–6–5

At the first glance, it doesn’t make any sense, but what you had to do is use the letter-to-number cipher called A1Z26. These numbers contained the characteristics of the Angelic character, which were coded according to the number of letters in the alphabet.

Three decoded characteristics pointed to the name of the hero — Xander Aidan.

Task №3: AXES Metaverse

In this riddle, you simply should have identified the right order of the comic elements and read it attentively in its original form. After this, it becomes clear that the story develops around clever and sneaky murderer by the name of Basilisk.

Task №4: Baksetballverse

In this task, we gave all of you a link to a SQL script, where different elements of the link to the tweet were hidden.

By composing and following the riddled link, you would be able to see a picture of the Basketballverse’s character called TheRealMoBamba.

Task №5: Himo World

Next, our team made you work with some text posted on the Medium of the Himo World.

We provided a hint with the phrase “On January 13th the Medium talked: questions consist of answers, as messages of words and words of letters”.

You were also provided with the following cipher:

4–4, 12–1, 8–3, 1–3, 6–4, 10–7, 4–3, 3–2

The first digit is the ordinal number of the word, the second with a hyphen is the number of the letter in the word. Applying this decoding system to the article you could extract “Yrmenlaf”, which was the right answer.

Task №6: Drunk Robots

The task number 6 was simple as that, you just had to look at the first letters in every row at the tables and put it together.

You would get the name of the game — Los Machines, where we are all slaves to the shining metal.

Task №7: Metarun

That task featured a table with 25 dates in total, however, based on our hint, which went like “One Thing is Certain, and The Rest is lies”, you should have figured out that there are 12 pairs of the same dates and one unique date — 3/29/2022.

The next step would be finding a tweet from Metarun for this date and taking a look at the character to figure out his class. In this case, it was craftsman class, which is the seed word for task number 7.

Task №8: Penguin Karts

As for the Penguin Karts task, you needed to pay attention to the scoreboard of particular Racers and notice that they consist only of 0 and 1. Hence, it becomes obvious that it is a binary code. After decoding it, you could get the word “Racing”.

Task №9: Walken

To solve the riddle in task number 9 from Walken, it was necessary to name the character in the picture under the post. To do it, you should have searched through the Twitter page of the project until you come across one of the tweets, where you can easily see that the name of the character is Phaspileon.

Task №10: Thetan Arena

Another simple task, where you had to guess the class of the hero based on his silhouette in the picture. By paying attention to certain details, it was not that complicated to conclude that it is a Thetan Arena hero that represents a Marksman class.

Task №11: Encore Metaverse

Task number 11 was aimed at checking your vision, since you had to find the Encore Metaverse character among similar-looking girls in the picture below. The first one is actually the girl you can meet in the virtual world of our partner, so the seed word in this case would be “Shy”.

Task №12: Dotmoovs

In the final task, you needed to get use of two leading questions to find out the name of the football team:

  • Who was our first soccer ambassador?
  • Which world soccer star did we dedicate a challenge to?

The most loyal users know that the answer for the first question is Diego Maradona, to the second one — Ricardo Quaresma.

Both these players used to play in the football club called Barcelona.

Well, it was not that hard, but at the same time gripping and challenging, right? Stay tuned for more events and follow our updates to keep up with the latest GameFi news.




Skill Labs is a cross-chain ecosystem that helps investors, games, and players find each other to optimize their benefits in the metaverse.

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Skill Labs

Skill Labs is a cross-chain ecosystem that helps investors, games, and players find each other to optimize their benefits in the metaverse.

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