Skill Guilds and Rebel Bots Xoil Wars unfold collaborative work

To state the obvious, cooperation with other projects is precious and essential for Skill Guilds. In today’s release we are pleased to announce the beginning of our joint work with Rebel Bots Xoil Wars, a cross platform card battle game running on Polygon network.

The vision of Rebel Boots Xoil Wars is to create a leading game franchise within the blockchain games space by building the Rebel Bots brand with several gaming titles.

Players will be able to use the characters they own in all the games within the Rebel Bots universe. Among their goals is to create true social games which enable players to join forces with other players, play both casual and competitive gameplay.

In addition to all of the above, the game has collectible cards, NFTs. They have already attracted a strong and dedicated community as the concept and vision draw avid gamers and NFT investors to Xoilium to own Rebel Bots, acquire land plots and build fighting bots.

Given the aforementioned information, the Skill Guilds founding team is expecting that our cooperation will not only bring benefits to our projects, but also positively impact our community, which will obtain the opportunity to expand its capabilities in the GameFi space.

Soon we will launch a Whitelist for scholarships, so stay tuned!

About Rebel Bots Xoil Wars

Rebel Bots Xoil Wars is a digital collectible card game that takes minutes to learn and a lifetime to master. Players get to build fierce teams of fighting robots in their home base, defeat other teams in epic card battles, and earn crypto rewards.

Website | Telegram | Twitter | Discord

About Skill Guilds

Skill Guilds is a platform that helps players, games and investors to find each other and choose the best conditions for themselves. It unites all market participants and provides them with tools to maximize benefits for each of the parties.

The Skill Guilds prioritizes building up a huge professional team of players that would evolve the GameFi industry as never before. The platform allows gamers from all over the world to build their own guilds, get funded via different sponsorship programs and last but not least learn and accelerate with our experienced mentors.

Website | Twitter | Discord




Skill Labs is a cross-chain ecosystem that helps investors, games, and players find each other to optimize their benefits in the metaverse.

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Skill Labs

Skill Labs

Skill Labs is a cross-chain ecosystem that helps investors, games, and players find each other to optimize their benefits in the metaverse.

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