Skill Guilds established ties with the Himo World project

Building trust-based partnerships between projects is the basis for their joint successful work and development. Skill Guilds replenishes the list of its strategic allies with the Himo World project. It is a blockchain-based match-3 deck building NFT strategic puzzle game. Starting our cooperation today, we hope for the qualitative development of both parties. Undoubtedly, we will be able to enhance our market performance thanks to our cooperation.

Himo World is aFree-to-Play (F2P), Create-to-Earn (C2E) & Compete-to-Earn project that features such gripping modes as Rogue-like PvE as well asPvP with multi-tier Tournaments.

The game can boast of quite an unusual setting, where the player just awoke his summoning power, and realized he or she now is in the middle of the war between realms, where summoners had to fight against each other in a battle of strengths and wits.

Himo has its own token called $HIMO that is based on the Binance Smart Chain network. It supports the most popular cryptocurrency wallets that are available in the market. Players can use $HIMO as a traditional currency in the game, helping with upgrading, trading, and staking throughout the system. The token can be earned through tournament prizes, staking prizes, or simply buy from the listed exchange platform all around the globe.

About Himo World

Himo World is an NFT game that features deck building, strategy mechanics combined with a match-3 gameplay. It’s super easy to play, but unlike other casual match 3 games, it’s hard to master.

The game features Free-to-Play, Create-to-Earn and a new way to earn which they believe will become the next trend in NFT gaming: Compete-to-Earn. Additionally, it has multiple game modes, including PvE with Rogue-like and PvP, Seasonal Ranking system, Tournament, Items staking and even more will come in the future.

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About Skill Guilds

Skill Guilds is a platform that allows players, games and investors to find each other and choose the best conditions for themselves. It unites all market participants and provides them with tools to maximize benefits for each of the parties.

The Skill Guilds prioritizes building up a huge professional team of players that would evolve the GameFi industry as never before. The platform allows gamers from all over the world to build their own guilds, get funded via different sponsorship programs and last but not least learn and accelerate with our experienced mentors.

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