Skill Guilds x MetaGear Whitelist is officially live: how to win 50 NFTs

Being a versatile and breakthrough platform focused on helping investors, games, and players to cooperate and maximize mutual benefits within the play-to-earn industry, Skill Guilds is constantly in the search of prospective projects that would be lucrative in the long-term. The Skill Guilds founding team is honored to announce that this type of project has been found and now we are giving out 50 MetaGear NFTs as a scholarship, so make sure to get acquainted with the requirements on how to get into the whitelist.

After identifying such a unique P2E game as MetaGear, we immediately decided to start a productive cooperation with the first step being launch of the whitelist. There are 50 WL spots in total, so half a hundred lucky users will get precious NFTs and tap into an exciting playing process.

The event is starting today, March 27th, 7 AM (GMT+0), and here is how to participate in it.

Firstly, you have to join our Discord server and get verified there. Secondly, submit a screenshot with the SG discord server on the gleam platform, where by the way, you ought to confirm all the steps.

Next, do not forget to follow Skill Guilds on Twitter and then retweet the post with the WL giveaway. After that, join our Telegram chat room and show some activity there. Eventually, share your Bep20 wallet address on gleam.

The results are scheduled on April 5th, when 50 winners will be chosen randomly. The Skill Guilds team will DM each winner in Discord and rent out 1 NFT to every whitelist winner on the wallets shared.

Do not sleep on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and make sure to participate immediately and start your profitable journey in MetaGear.

About MetaGear

MetaGear — the first NFT & Metaverse-based Pixel combat game. This is a tactical game that requires the player to be logical and sequence of moves, actions.

The results of the battle don’t completely depend on the index or rarity of the machine, but also depend on the design and distinctive features of each one. This means that you can defeat opponents with a higher index if your machine has a more unique combination and is more efficient.

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About Skill Guilds

Skill Guilds is a platform that allows players, games and investors to find each other and choose the best conditions for themselves. It unites all market participants and provides them with tools to maximize benefits for each of the parties.

The Skill Guilds prioritizes building up a huge professional team of players that would evolve the GameFi industry as never before. The platform allows gamers from all over the world to build their own guilds, get funded via different sponsorship programs and last but not least learn and accelerate with our experienced mentors.

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Skill Labs is a cross-chain ecosystem that helps investors, games, and players find each other to optimize their benefits in the metaverse.

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Skill Labs

Skill Labs is a cross-chain ecosystem that helps investors, games, and players find each other to optimize their benefits in the metaverse.