Skill Labs and CryptoSkyland become partners

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3 min readSep 9, 2022


Today we are glad to share the amazing news with you — the CryptoSkyland project becomes our partner. CryptoSkyland is a linkable metaverse connecting games, digital content and communities. It combines various virtual MetaWorlds, forming an unlimited, expandable and interoperable metaverse.

Of course, our cooperation now and in the future will help in the development of both our projects. We also hope that our communities will find a common language and will be able to exchange ideas and opinions with each other.

Skyland is the land in the Skytopia Metaworld, an island floating in the sky. The Skyland NFT is the core user credential for CryptoSkyland and is the land credential on which users can realize activities such as building houses, raising virtual pets, meeting with friends and holding virtual events.

Metaworld is a virtual 3D environment built in a certain theme, where people have the opportunity to play games, chat with friends and just enjoy virtual content.

Unlike Web 2.0, when games are fragmented, CryptoSkylands metaworlds are linked. With the help of the Linkable Metaworld Protocol, the barriers of virtual space will be destroyed and players will be able to travel between different metaworlds. All connected ones create a CryptoSkyland metaverse that can expand endlessness.

Main Holders’ Interest

  • The unique design of Skyland NFT.
  • NFT royalty sharing interest.
  • Metaverse land credentials.

The Oasis in Ready Player One shows you an ideal metaverse. It provides the ultimate immersion with XR technology, meta-universe Avatars from Overwatch, Street Fighter, Gundam and other famous works, and the ability to travel freely in various virtual worlds. With the rapid development of blockchain, cloud computing, XR and other technologies, the real Oasis is getting closer to us.

They hope to create a truly generational metaverse together with professional content creators and community enthusiasts.

Also, our projects have come to a mutual decision to unite our communities by launching an airdrop where you have a chance to win great prizes:

  • 1,000 $SKG tokens will be distributed randomly among 20 winners.
  • 500 $FPU will be given to 100 participants with the most entries

You have only 7 days to participate so hurry up! To learn more about the Gleam conditions, please, follow the link:

About CryptoSkyland

SkyLands is a play-to-earn game based on Binance Smart Chain.

It is a virtual world in which players interact with each other through their own Land NFTs. And have the opportunity to earn money while playing, just by having their own NFT land.

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About Skill Labs

Skill Labs is a platform that allows players, games and investors to find each other and choose the best conditions for themselves. It unites all market participants and provides them with tools to maximize benefits for each of the parties.

The platform allows gamers from all over the world to build their own guilds, get funded via different sponsorship programs and last but not least learn and accelerate with our experienced mentors.

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