Skill Labs customers’ research

Skill Labs is launching a series of customer interviews to conduct in-depth research allowing our team to improve our product for millions of GameFi users. All participants selected for the interview will provide extensive and detailed answers to our questions for a further in-depth analysis.

Interviewees will be rewarded with $SKG tokens for their contribution to the development process of our platform. The total interview pool will be equal to 30,000 $SKG to be distributed among the respondents after the TGE.

To participate in the interviews you need:

— Fill in the form:
— Join and verify in Skill Labs Discord server:
— Log in to the website and confirm your crypto wallet for further token distribution:

After submitting your data into the form, the Skill Labs team will review your profile and contact you in Discord if you were selected.

Please note that respondents who regularly play, purchase and sell in-game NFTs and tokens will be preferred.

Token distribution will happen after the Token Generation Event and all the participants will be informed accordingly.

There’s no strict deadline as we conduct interviews on a rolling basis, so you can fill it in until it’s open.

Have a good one!



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Skill Labs

Skill Labs is a cross-chain ecosystem that helps investors, games, and players find each other to optimize their benefits in the metaverse.