Skill Labs expands the partnership list with MetaRace Horse Racing

  • Racing. MetaRace is a virtual gaming experience similar to traditional horse racing with a futuristic spin.
  • Wagering. The principle of collecting is to acquire and trade virtual horses, jockeys, and accessories in order to earn.
  • Collecting. Players can utilize NFT horses, jockeys and accessoires as part of the Play-to-Earn platform.
  1. Earning generous rewards from Grand Prix rankings.
  2. Claiming tokens as prizes for finishing in the top five places in a Tournament race as well as just for completing it.
  3. Receiving 8% of the race registration fees and 2% bonus fee from wagers placed on races at their course.
  4. Earning fees from breeding horses and selling new NFTs for profit.
  1. Voting governance rights for game development.
  2. Value-added income from game development.
  3. Priority experience of new features.
  4. The right to purchase discounted peripheral products.

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