How to play Star Sharks

How to start

  • Add BSC to Metamask, check how to make it fast here
  • Import tokens to Metamask, brief instructions are here

SEA: 0x26193C7fa4354AE49eC53eA2cEBC513dc39A10aa
SSS: 0xC3028FbC1742a16A5D69dE1B334cbce28f5d7EB3

  • Top up the wallet with BUSD/BNB

How to play

In order to get started with Star Shark, you will need to purchase a Shark, which is a digital NFT that can be battled, raised, and, most importantly, used to generate profit. For building up a team that will be able to take part in combat and bring you to SEA tokens, you need to own a minimum of three sharks.

You are able to buy Sharks on the marketplace:

Choose the Shark you want to purchase, add it to your cart and finalize the process by pressing the “Buy” button. Then, confirm the transaction via Metamask Wallet and you are good to go.

But you may ask how to choose the right character? To state the obvious, it mostly depends on your goals, gaming strategy and the amount of funds you possess.

However, we will provide the primary information about Sharks, which will help you to make an appropriate choice, when creating the team.

To start with, every Shark have 4 basic attributes:

  • Health — maximum amount of damage or loss of stamina that a shark can take before dying
  • Speed — determines order of attack, decreases chance of being victim of a critical strike
  • Skill — gives bonus damage when a combo of cards is used
  • Morale — striking rate increases chance for a critical strike increases odds of
  • triggering near death and number of near deaths triggered

Sharks are also divided by different races, each of which has a dominant ability and auxiliary ability. You can acquainted with them in the table below:

Based on this information, we can form a strategy for combining sharks.

The front-line role should have a high health value and the ability to absorb damage, hence Tiger and Whale sharks are a good fit for that position.

Now, you can play around with the other two positions. It can either be Rock or Godzilla shark, since they are able to inflict great damage on the enemy. You can also add Crocodile or Coryx Shark to your squad in order to quickly take the lead in battles due to their enhanced speed abilities.

Experiment with your team and fix upon something that works best for you, but avoid putting the Tiger and Whale Sharks on the front line, because it’s completely irrational.

Additionally, you have an opportunity to upgrade your NFT by merging two sharks. This will allow you to become an owner of the character of an advanced rarity with improved attributes.

You can learn more about the Sharks in the whitepaper of the game.

Play and earn $SEA

To tap into the gameplay, you need to download an APK file from the website and install it on your Android smartphone.

After logging in into your account, you are able to join one of three game modes: Adventures mode, PvE mode, PvP mode.

The rewards are following:

  • Win a PVE match to get up to 1 SEA
  • Win a PVP match to get from 2 up to 4 SEAs depending on your rank
  • Complete the daily quest to get 10 SEAs
  • Completing the daily/weekly Box quest to receive from 1 to 29 SEAs

In addition to that if you perform great and get into the leaderboard at the end of the playing season you will get an additional token reward from a big prize pool.

That is pretty much everything that you should know about Star Sharks, now let’s get down to business and generate some real profit!



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Skill Labs is a cross-chain ecosystem that helps investors, games, and players find each other to optimize their benefits in the metaverse.