Tiny World: how to play and earn

How to start

  • Install Metamask Wallet, a step-by-step guide for setting up Metamask is here
  • Add BSC to Metamask, learn how to do it here
  • Import tokens to Metamask, brief instructions are here

$TINK (BEP-20): 0x05aD6E30A855BE07AfA57e08a4f30d00810a402e

  • Top up the wallet with BUSD/BNB
  • Connect your Wallet to Tiny World here

How to play

For playing the game Tiny World, you need to go to game’s website and then click on the “Launch app” button.

You’ll be redirected to the Tiny World’s App. Once you created your Metamask Wallet and connected it to the Tiny World, you can start playing the game.

But firstly, you have to get Tiny NFT, otherwise, you just won’t have a character to play with. Tiny Heroes can be used to participate in Tiny Farm Gamefly or can be transferred to Tiny Kingdom to play games. You have 2 options how to purchase NFTs:

  • Buy Summon Rune with 100 TINK, clicking “Summon” button;

After finalizing the purchasing process, your Tiny Hero will be waiting for you in the “My NFTs” section.

Every Tiny Hero is a unique character, which has 2 types of parameters:

  • On-chain Parameters including class, color, probability, level cap, energy and power.

Power impacts the bonus effect of TINC-BNB liquidity mining and the profit of NFT Yield Farming.

Energy represents the available mining duration for NFT Yield Farming. Energy recovery items can be obtained in upcoming events.

  • Off-chain Parameters (for Tiny Kingdom)

The higher the level and stats of a Tiny Hero, the more advantages it can have. Every Tiny Hero has a list of its own stats and each of them affects a certain parameter.

As for now, every NFT character inherits 7 different stats:

  • Attack;
  • Defense;
  • Health Points;
  • Luck;
  • Expedition to obtain crystals. The average number of crystals obtained after the expedition;
  • Expedition time (Hours). The time that is spent on each expedition;
  • Drop rate (Expedition). The probability of receiving specified materials during the expedition.

In order to improve the Tiny Hero in every possible way, you need to level it up. Per default, when a character is transported to the Tiny Kingdom, its level is 1. In order to level up, you have to kill monsters and for each monster you will get 1 exp point.

As the level of your Tiny Hero goes up, you get the opportunity to use improved equipment for it, as well as to increase some of the Hero’s characteristics.

Of course, all Tiny Heroes have equipment. There are following categories of equipment that is presented in the game:

  • Light Weapon (all heroes can equip);
  • Heavy Weapon (only for warriors);
  • Long-range weapon (only for assassins);
  • Staff (only for wizards);
  • Light armor/heavy armor (all heroes can equip).

Naturally, there is rarity ranking for all the equipment, you can differ it by its color:

  • Common (gray);
  • Unique (green);
  • Master (blue);
  • Epic (purple):
  • Legend (orange);
  • Ancient (red).

Play & Earn with Tiny World

First of all, Tiny World is a fully trading game universe. It combines Play-to-earn and effective DAO governance with quality gameplay.

Tiny World includes: Tiny Games (Tiny Kingdom, Tiny Dungeons, etc.) and Tiny Farm ( cool NFT heroes combined with DeFi to produce a seamless GameFi experience).

There are many ways to earn in Tiny World:

  • Collecting Tiny Hero NFTs and selling them on the marketplace;
  • Tiny NFT Yield Farming‌;
  • Staking $TINC Token to get benefits via playing and voting;
  • Playing Tiny games to win leaderboard prizes;
  • Trading Items to earn profits in Tiny games.

Here is all you need to know about the Tiny World game. Now you are armed with knowledge and ready to conquer the peaks of the playground!



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